Месть и любовь Кей Эмбер 1997

Toward a global civilization of love and tolerance - Second.Название книги: Месть и любовь Кей Эмбер 1997
Страниц: 293
Год: 2016
Жанр: Отечественная

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О книге «Месть и любовь Кей Эмбер 1997»

, by VE Schwab Antari are special magicians who can travel between worlds, and in the first book of this trilogy, we meet Kell, one of the last two living who possess this power.

His role is to bring messages between the three Londons—Red, where magic roams; White, where power struggle causes chaos; and Grey, where there is little magic left to be found.

But Kell has a secret; he smuggles objects between the worlds, and when the magic of the lost London—Black London, which swallowed itself whole—finds its way into Kell’s world, threatening those he cares about, he must fight to stop it.

, by Pierce Brown A sci-fi fantasy that takes place on a Mars as ruthless as Westeros introduces a world divided into castes, where the Reds live beneath the surface of Mars and mine it so that one day, people can live on the surface. Jemisin When a girl born into nothing discovers she has been named heiress to the king after her mother’s death, she enters an unfamiliar world of secrets, power struggles, and betraying family she never knew she had to take what is rightfully hers. Perhaps finding the true reason her mother died will be the key to her inheritance…

Until Darrow discovers that people have been living there for centuries—meaning he and his people have been slaves—he joins a secret resistance to infiltrate the Golds and take them down from within. , by Erika Johansen In this blend of fantasy and speculative fiction, generations after a group of people left modern society to establish a new world without the burdens of modern technology, it has descended into feudalism.

If you’ve watched fans are used to waiting, so they shuldn’t mind picking up another famously unfinished series.

Kvothe is a humble innkeeper—or so he wants people to believe, when in reality he is a myth many have presumed dead.

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  • Я вже і не згадаю коли читала такий класний роман.тільки 10

  • Да! Да! Да! И ещё раз да! Книга потрясающая! Замечательная! Великолепная! Крышесносная! Это моё!!!
    Незамысловатый банальный сюжет? Пфф... да пожалуйста! Здесь и не нужен бином Ньютона, когда в романе уйма всего интересного, начиная от типа повествова

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